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Our Background Searches Include:

Residence, Education and Academic Verification, Employment Verification, Tenant Screening, Real Estate, Evictions, Property, Traffic, Sex Offender Registry, Person Search, MVA, OFAC and Patriot Act, Criminal/Civil, Birth/Death, Marriage/Divorce and Warrant/Arrest searches. We also search Email, Phone Number, Phone Carrier and Social Media Searches to assist with some infidelity cases as well. 

e are not attorneys; therefore, we do not give out legal advice. We are not private investigators.*

DNA Testing Information:
We are corporate partners with REPUTABLE and ACCREDITED labs that provides DNA testing. The testing is conducted by highly qualified staff at a fully accredited laboratory. We partner with professionals in the legal field to expedite cases that involve family (child support or custody).  All tests are LEGALLY BINDING- meaning all test are admissible in court. We collect DNA and sell kits as well. Our turnaround is within 48 hours upon receipt to the labs. 


Home DNA Testing to establish your child’s paternity can yield results that are more than 99 percent conclusive. However, be aware that results of a home paternity test kit may not be used if you wish to establish paternity for purpose of child support or child custody. MEN, please wait until you sign that birth certificate. We are passionate about giving all individuals an opportunity to know their DNA background. Call us now!


We take payment plans - no more excuses!

1. Paternity: (legal-chain of custody and non-legal chain of custody)

  • Standard Trio Paternity - Mother, One Child, One Alleged Father

  • Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test -Blood draw from mother and buccal swab from father-has to be a 7 -week gestation- comes from fetal cells. We cannot test regarding incest, related alleged fathers, twins or multiple fetus, vitro fertilization, egg donor or surrogate. NO ULTRASOUND NEEDED!

       Results: 2-7 days (Testing is not for legal purposes)

2. Maternity

  • Maternity-To confirm biological relationship between mother and child for immigration cases, adoption and other situations.

  • Motherless Paternity Testing-One Child and One Alleged Father.
    Results: 2-7 days

****Express Services is an additional fee. *****

3.Relationship Testing: (chain or non-chain)

  • Grandparentage - Single-share one common parent-A single grandparentage test is performed to determine a child’s relationship to the alleged father’s family when the alleged father is unavailable or unwilling and no post-mortem sample is available. This tests only one grandparent.

  • Grandparentage -Full-share two parents-Testing of two grandparents.
    ****Please note that a grandparentage or reconstruction test is more definitive than a siblingship test, especially if the mother is not involved.****


  • SiblingshipTest - (Full and Half Siblingship)- 5 business days

    1. Full with Common Parent (same mother, but want to see if they share the same father who is unavailable for testing).

    2. Full without common parent (can perform if mother is not available) usually need mother for more conclusive results.

    3. Half Siblingship with two parents-Sibling 1 and 2, know that they have different mothers but want to know if they share the same father if he is not available for testing.

    4. Half Siblingship without parents-Testing can do half siblingship even if one or both mothers are not available- mother is encouraged to give a sample of their DNA.


Results: 5 Business days from receipt of all samples. A siblingship Rider Form is needed.

  • Genetic Reconstruction Testing - Testing is for the relationship between a child and biological relatives of the alleged father (If he is deceased or not available for testing).

  • Avuncular - Testing is completed through an aunt and uncle.

4.Viability Testing:

  • Post-Mortem Viability Test - Testing is for deceased individuals, performed on a sample from deceased person to see if sufficient. The fee is separate from the relationship test fee. The deceased
    samples are collected by a neutral third party, such as coroner’s office, funeral home or medical examiner. The next of kin completes and signs a Deceased Patient Custodian Consent Form to authorize testing submitted with Next of Kin’s ID. Next of kin relationship must be verified at the time of signing consent. The collector of labs storing the deceased sample signs the postmortem Specimen Identification Form.

***A relationship kit fee is also needed***

Results: 5 Business Days


  • Unusual Sample Viability Test - Example of requirement for unusual samples.
    ***This test is mostly used for Social Security Benefit***

5.DNA Detection - Infidelity Testing

Call for details. All Infidelity is for non legal purposes only!


  • Standard Detection: This test detects whether a standard DNA profile is present. This test is selected if an individual is looking for ANY DNA male and/or female.

  • Y Chromosome Detection: This test detects whether male DNA is present, this test DO NOT detect any female DNA. NOTE: We may not be able to distinguish the male DNA from those of other male biological relatives (brothers, fathers, grandfathers, uncles or male cousins) YSTR profiles are identical in males of the same paternal lineage. Semen Screen- 1 day after labs receive collection DNA Detection-1-2 Business Day after labs receive collection DNA Comparison- 1-2 Business Days once labs receive collection- usually within 3 business days If male suspect female of cheating, suggestion is to complete a Semen Screen If female suspect male of cheating, there will not be no need for semen screen for heterosexual instance.

Results:5 Business Days

6.Human ID Match:

  • Drug Testing and DUI Driver-usually used to determine drivers of accidents involving injuries and/or death. Mostly used by Insurance Companies or Informational Purposes.

7.Fertility Testing

  • Peakaboo Gender Reveal: Must be obtained with a small blood sample, can determine 99.5 accuracy, the highest available. Easy, Affordable, Accurate…the ONLY early baby gender reveal test endorsed by the American Pregnancy

****This is mostly done by event planners as an add on.****

Results: 2 business days after receipt of sample


8. Immigration Testing: Call for Details


RESULTS- 5-7 Business Days

****Express Services is an additional fee. *****


9. At Home Lifestyle Testing: For PURCHASE-@home testing. Testing takes from 4 to 6 weeks.


  • Skin DNA Lifestyle-Home DNA Skin Care is a DNA analysis and report that examines genetic markers related to skin performance. This test is mostly used for Spas ,Aestheticians and Estheticians.

  • Food and Pet Sensitivity-Home DNA Food and Pet Sensitivity is a science based DNA test that reveals how gens may make a person more sensitive to common irritants in eight key areas. This test is mostly used for those that have allergies.

  • Healthy Weight-Home DNA Healthy Weight is a DNA test and program that first examines genetic markers (SNPs) that influence weight and then provides customized diet and exercise strategies for a healthier life. This test is mostly used for Fitness trainers.

  • GPS origin -This test is done to pinpoint your ancestry- from the town or city with the highest resolution DNA test available. This test is mainly for personal use.

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